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Volume 1
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Over 790 color photographs from
museums around the world

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Read what people are saying–

From Amazon.com:
"Being very succinct: this is one of the best books I have ever bought, period."

From Evidencepress.com:
"This book left me in awe. Its material is so powerful I expect it to become a best seller ."

From Valeri Holmes, Television Host Rejoice:
"I think this book ought to be on the coffee table of every single home, not just in America,
but around the world. It is about evolution. He refutes evolution in a powerful way."

From: Christianbook.com
"It is a fantastic book, and well worth the price."

From Sonlight Home School Curriculum:
"My fourteen year-old "devoured" the book almost as soon as we unpacked- disappearing into
his room to read it on his own. This book helped us to finally grasped the inconsistencies
with Darwin's Theory of Evolution."

From Timberdoodle.com:
"EVOLUTION: THE GRAND EXPERIMENT is comprehensive, lavishly-illustrated,
super-easy to read, and you just may find that the conclusions are startling."

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Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD Series

Volume 2
Book Cover Volume 2
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A fact-filled learning adventure as Dr. Werner takes you around the world on a unique scientific expedition from remote dig sites and museums to the Australian Rainforest and more.

Filled with 700 color photographs.

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Volume 3
Book Cover Volume 3
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Not Yet Released

-Written in an easy-to-read story format

-Covers more than 200 ape men species groups

-Includes 1,000 amazing photographs

-Highly researched with more than 1,000 references


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