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Volume 3
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Book Cover Volume 3
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Human Evolution


In the third volume of this series, Dr. Carl Werner dissects the complex theory of human evolution in a fresh, simple, understandable style. He accomplishes this using graphs, photos, charts, and interviews with scientists personally involved in the discoveries of Australopithecus, Neanderthal, Homo erectus and many more. Dr. Werner, in his 30-year effort to get to the bottom of the theory of evolution, asks if human evolution is real.

In Volume III, Untold Stories of Human Evolution, learn the answers to these important questions:

• Which Princeton University trained evolutionary anthropologist abandoned the idea that humans evolved from apes?

• Which large metropolitan museum currently displays the skeleton of an ape man, which was significantly altered by the scientist who discovered the fossil before making a copy for the museum?

• Which natural history museum misidentified 300 random rocks and random fossil bones as “advanced tools, awls and a necklace”?

• Which natural history museum director misidentified the leg bone of a Procyonid (raccoon family) as the remnants of an upright walking ape man?

• Which natural history museum curator identified the rib of a cetacean (whale family) as the fossil remnants of an upright walking ape man?

• Which museum curator planted fossils at a dig site for other scientists to find?

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