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What can I do?



You may ask: How can I make a difference?  How can I impact the world?  How can I help get the word out about evolution vs. creation?  Here are some ideas how you can spread the word about Evolution: The Grand Experiment.

  • Write a review on Amazon:  The review can be just a few sentences long but a five-star rating is extremely important. To write a review, click here.

  • Tell your friends: To get this information to others, we depend upon word of mouth.  Tell your friends about the GRAND EXPERIMENT book and video series.

  • Ask your local school (grade school, high school or college) to implement the two-semester long GRAND EXPERIMENT curriculum. (When the third volume, HUMAN EVOLUTION, UNTOLD STORIES is out, this will be a three-semester long curriculum.) Teaching students about the problems with the theory of evolution will have a large impact since today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Pass it on: The best way to financially help this project is to buy DVDs and pass them onto your friends, family or school.

    Buy Episode 1 Now (DVD) Watch Episode 1 Now (English) EPISODE 1 JETZT ANSEHEN (German)

    Watch Episode 2 Buy episode 2 Now (DVD)

  • Donate to your library: Check with your librarian about their policies on book and video donations.  If they will not accept your donation, ask them to purchase a copy of THE GRAND EXPERIMENT books/DVDs.



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